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Veterans’ Health Program

Health Studio run a veterans’ health exercise program from our private clinic to help support the veteran community who struggle with physical and mental injuries. Many of whom benefit tremendously by increasing their physical activity and bringing movement back into their lives.

Our exercise programs are specific to the needs of each client and work towards improving physical and mental health. We treat veterans’ with chronic injuries such as back, knee, and shoulder injuries, and also those who suffer from chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease or hypertension.  Exercise has shown to help manage the symptoms of PTSD, and as a result we help veterans’ who have PTSD and other mental health problems.  Many of our veteran clients have a combination of injuries and chronic disease so determining the best type of exercise to help improve their health and function is very important.

Helping veterans’ reduce their chronic pain and improve their health, so they can get back to doing activities they enjoy, is what makes out job so rewarding.  Our team of Exercise Physiologists have been supporting and working with veterans’ for over 12 years and have a good understanding of their frustrations and needs.

Our private clinic is open by appointment, so we have influence over the environment and guarantee a great place to exercise which is comfortable and has a sense of community.  Feedback from our veterans’ highlight this as an important factor in helping them to feel comfortable and confident.  Getting started can often be a challenge, so we welcome veterans’ to come and take a look at our facility, and have a chat about how we can help.

Entitled Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients may be referred for clinically necessary Exercise Physiology treatment on a valid D904 referral form.

Below is a story about a two of our veterans who have been using exercise as a means of treatment for their PTSD.  It’s a story about how exercise, through our veterans’ health program, has helped to restore confidence and mend lives.  This special report was shown across Queensland in late 2016.

Below is a newspaper article for the Townsville Bulletin (October 22, 2016) which shares the story of several of our vets and how exercise physiology has helped to improve their health and manage their injuries.


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