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Leukaemia & Exercise – A specialised exercise program to support people at diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond

The Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland (LFQ) and Aspire Fitness and Rehabilitation (AFR) have consulted with allied health professionals, haematologists and oncologists to develop a program to support growing evidence of the benefits of physical activity for people living with a blood cancer or disorder.  This is an ongoing program run exclusively in Townsville by Health Studio.

The 12 week Fit to Thrive program program includes:

  • initial assessment and exercise measurements
  • an individualised participant-focused exercise program, clinical and home based exercises
  • goal setting education and mentoring
  • exercise and program instruction
  • one-on-one program reviews
  • exercise guide and training manual (including programs and photos)
  • program facilitation and client introduction to a group class format.

If you are living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, aplastic anaemia, amyloidosis, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) or a related blood disorder this program may be appropriate for you.

Research shows that people who undertake physical activity before, during, or post treatment for a blood cancer or disorder may benefit from:

  • improved physical functioning including muscle strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • improved quality of life
  • decreased symptoms of fatigue
  • improved psychological well-being
  • improved sense of maintaining some control of their lives
  • protection against disease recurrence
  • improved ability to maintain healthy weight
  • decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Who is Fit to Thrive for? The program mainly targets three groups:

  • People recently diagnosed with lymphoma, myeloma or CLL and about to start chemotherapy treatment
  • People who are about to have a Stem Cell Transplant and
  • People who have completed treatment or having ongoing treatment who are looking to improve their functional ability.

Fit to Thrive is individually tailored to your exercise capacity and health status, so it’s not necessary to have participated in prior physical activity. If you are not eligible for the LFQ group format then AFR can facilitate a personalised one-on-one program to assist you.

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