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Neuro Rehabilitation

NOW OPEN – Neuro Rehabilitation Clinic

Health Studio’s allied health clinic has recently grown in floor space, capability and specialised neurological rehabilitation technology to help clients’ improve mobility, increase engagement and spark recovery.  The clinic incorporates handpicked pieces of neurological rehabilation equipment.

It is widely accepted that the sooner you commence rehab following an injury or illness, the better your chance of positive outcomes.  We also know that excellent outcomes can still be achieved in people commencing treatment many years later.

The human brain has enormous ability to rewire itself as efficiently as possible when the need for adaptation is recognised by changes to mobility, cognition and ability from brain or spinal cord damage.  

In order to optimise this re-wiring and re-learning of movement, thinking and level of independence, it is essential that you have sufficient practice (repetitions) at the right intensity (getting your heart rate up) to ensure that as much re-wiring as possible takes place, is maintained and then most importantly, carried over in to every day tasks.

What neurological conditions can Exercise Physiology services be helpful for?

Exercise therapy has been found to be beneficial in the treatment and management of numerous neurological conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Parkinson’s disease

Specialised equipment

Health Studio offers a range of specialised equipment of varying capacity for stroke rehabilitation, incuding:

  • Litegait 
  • Gaitkeeper Treadmill
  • Gaitsense
  • Motolife
  • FitMi
  • Blazepods


LiteGait provides postural control and weight-bearing assistance for fall-free therapeutic activities.  It permits the clinician to be hands-free when working with clients of all functional levels and diagnoses, to focus on better quality and increased quantity of practice.

The design of the LiteGait lets body weight support to be directed only where needed while facilitating normal weight-bearing where appropriate. The overhead straps provide postural control and support for symmetric upright positioning even for those who cannot support themselves.

LiteGait therapy allows clients to safely engage in progressively challenging functional activities early in the rehabilitation process and throughout treatment. LiteGait therapy benefits clients with lower extremity pain, lower extremity and trunk weakness, weight-bearing restrictions or amputation, diminished cardiopulmonary function, and poor activity tolerance. LiteGait therapy also benefits higher-functioning clients by being challenged and progressed in a fall-free environment.

LiteGait can be used for gait over ground or with a treadmill, for balance and standing activities such as therapeutic exercise and ADL, for supported sitting and quadruped positioning, along with cardio and balance equipment and for many other activities. 

The GaitKeeper treadmill allows patients to start walking as slowly as 0.2km/hr and gradually work their way up toward increasing speeds. The repetitive motion of walking on a treadmill enhances neural plasticity to promote faster rehabilitation.



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Emily Harding - Exercise Physiologist

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