"I am overweight and have severe osteoarthritis in my knees. When I saw an orthopaedic surgeon, he told me I needed to have both my knees replaced, but wouldn't operate on me until I lost 20kg.  I tried to lose weight by exercising myself, but found it almost impossible to exercise due to my knee pain.  Mahn has helped me lose 15kg so far by using exercises which don't aggravate my knees.  I only have another 5kg to go!"
Amanda  | Osteoarthritis of the knees
"Since I started at Health Studio I have found my life more enjoyable and with purpose.  The staff are friendly and educational and will do whatever is required to meet your medical requirements and conditions.  Health Studio gives me purpose and drive to leave the house and to improve my mind and body.  The anger you build up can be taken out on the apparatuses."
Mark  | DVA Client
"I injured my back 10 years ago in a work related accident. Due to the core strengthening exercises I have been doing at Health Studio my back injury has stabilised and I no longer experience ongoing pain.  My pain medication has decreased and the frequency of "flare ups" has significantly decreased.  I would recommend these guys to anyone with a chronic back injury."
John  | Back Injury
"I had both of my knees replaced several months ago.  I have been seing Mahn and he has helped me strengthen my legs and improved my balance.  I now have no trouble getting up and down off the floor, which is something I haven't been able to do for years.  The day to day activities that I struggled with or couldn't do, I can now do with ease.  I now get outdoors and enjoy the good things in life."
Tina  | Bilateral Knee Replacements

“My GP suggested that I see an Exercise Physiologist to keep my joints mobile and assist with losing weight. The staff of HEALTH Studio set to make a program that suited my needs.  The staff keep me motivated with information on my progress, quarterly assessments and achievements in goals set.  I am now considerably lighter, able to bend the body’s respective joints without too much difficulty. I also enjoy the comradery of the other clients who attend the studio”.

Fred  | DVA Patient


"My name is Malcolm, I first started at Health Studio through a program called Fit to Thrive run by the Leukaemia Foundation.  This was in June 2015 and went for 12 weeks.  The program designed by the staff, during this time, I found really helped with my recovery from Multiple Myeloma.  I have continued going twice a week and as they keep updating my program (which is done under constant supervision) and I am getting much stronger.  The staff are always encouraging and helpful and make my time there very enjoyable.  I have found since starting at the gym, I am feeling much better within myself and can only thank the staff for all they have done to get me to where I am now".

Malcolm l  Cancer survivor